Sutton Coldfield Driveways are a leading driveway paver company based in the West Midlands, best known for producing fantastic driveways that look beautiful. Not only do the driveways produced by Sutton Coldfield Driveways look fantastic, but they are also extremely functional and durable. As a permeable driveway company, the driveways we create are strong against all types of wear and do not damage when a vehicle drivers over the surface or when parked on the surface.

There are many different types of driveways and each type may suit a customer differently. The different types of permeable driveway include loose gravel, reinforced grass,  tarmac, and lastly block paving. Each of these types of driveways has its benefits and they vary in appearance. You can mix and match different materials and styles to see the blend of materials and different texture combinations that can be created.

The cost of a permeable driveway is affordable and the price paid ensures a top quality driveway. Let Sutton Coldfield Driveways create and design the most beautiful driveway for your home, get in touch today for high quality work from skilled permeable driveway pavers based in the West Midlands area. Please feel free to get in contact with Sutton Coldfield Driveways and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

A loose gravel drive is usually formed by laying and compacting of 3-6” depth of MOT type1 hardcore with gravel laid directly on top. Due to the huge variety of colours available, loose gravel drives can be made to look truly unique. Granite setts or block pavers can be laid across the front of drives to stop gravel from being taken off drive.

Grass guard products are available in many styles and materials from concrete to 100% recycled plastics. The laying of this product typically requires a free-draining hardcore base, overlaid with compacted sand and a mix of sand/soil mix and grass seeds.

This product can also be filled in with gravel which makes the surface a lot easier to walk on or push things over. The gravel stays in place and doesn’t get into any vehicle tyres and will remain looking the same without any wear and tear of loose gravel driveways.

Permeable tarmac looks just like any other tarmac drive. The way it is created is different from standard drives as the base layer is made up of free-draining MOT type3 hardcore.

It is quite a lot more expensive than standard tarmac, but is an excellent choice if you would prefer a solid surface rather than loose gravel.

Permeable block paving is an alternative to loose gravel or permeable tarmac. The base preparation is different for this type of paving as it has to be fully permeable. MOT type3 hardcore is laid to a depth of 6-12”, with a 2” layer of 10mm grit screeded over surface. Blocks are then laid on this surface with further 10mm grit brushed into the extra wide joints of the blocks to enable water to soak away freely. This is a fully permeable driveway.

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