A fantastic alternative material to use on your home’s driveway is a loose gravel driveway. Adding a light coloured loose gravel is a low maintenance alternative to grass and a cheaper option than tarmac on your driveway’s surface. Installing the gravel requires less equipment than a tarmacked driveway surface, making the full cost of the loose gravel driveway an installation lower cost which is suitable for those who may be purchasing on a budget.,

Using gravel on a driveway makes easy coverage on a large surface area and it’s ideal for areas with tree roots or other types of pre-existing root variations  Light coloured loose gravel driveway rural can work in a variety of locations such as rural areas, where larger spaces of land may need to be covered and the finished result looks excellent and naturally placed.

Create a stunning blend of textures by using gravel to create a light coloured loose gravel driveway informal appearance which is highly popular among many different households in the United Kingdom. Light coloured loose gravel driveway is a fantastic material to blend with others if you wanted to have a multitude of materials in a driveway, as many customers of Sutton Coldfield Driveways who choose a loose gravel driveway may choose to mix materials.

Benefits of Loose Gravel

  • Loose gravel is a permeable surface which is ideal in many situations
  • Many different colours, textures and sizes available
  • Can look better for large areas than solid surfaces
  • Much cheaper option than tarmac and block paving
  • Ideal for areas with lots of tree roots

Recent Loose Gravel Driveways

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