High Pressure Cleaning

We use a variety of techniques to clean driveways and patios, depending on their size and surface type. High-pressure cleaners can be used as direct jets, or used with a rotary head. Once cleaned, block paving will need re-sanding with kiln-dried sand and slabs may need re-pointing.

The results of having your drive or patio cleaned are quite amazing.

The cost of cleaning a drive is usually between £2-3 per sqm. So, an average double driveway of 40sqm, should therefore cost no more than £120 (inc. VAT)


Sometimes, as a result of high-pressure cleaning of slabs, the pointing is blown out. We can carry out any repointing work necessary, and use a variety of techniques to do this. We can closely match any existing pointing, or suggest new products to use, which vary in quality and price. This has to be quoted on an individual basis depending on the area and style etc.


In the case of block paving, the blocks need to be thoroughly dry before the sand is brushed in. It is therefore most cost effective to do this yourself. We will supply and deliver the sand when we clean it, all you have to do is brush a light coating over the surface to fill any joints where the sand has been washed out. Normally, a 15 minute job. We can resand for you and will advise of a price when we quote for cleaning, if required.

Sealing surfaces

Block paving, slabs, tarmac and concrete can be sealed with an acrylic sealant. See some of the pictures of how finished surfaces look. The sealant is applied as either a spray or rollered onto the surface.

The sealant provides a protective barrier over the blocks, which prevents weathering of the blocks and preserves their colour. It also hardens the sand between the joints, preventing weeds from growing in the joints . One further benefit is that it can provide a non-slip texture to surfaces.

The sealant has to be applied to completely dry surfaces, at temperatures above 5 degrees C.

Sealing costs range from £3-6 per sqm, depending on the size of the area, the technique employed and the surface type.

Sealing dramatically reduces overall maintenance of areas, especially block paving and is an excellent investment.

If you are interested in having Driveway Maintenance feel free to get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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