A block paving driveway is commonly seen on many driveways across the UK, the common design of these tiles is an offset pattern, meaning the tiles are not typically placed in a straight set style. Tiles for block paved driveways are strong and do not wear or break easily, making it ideal for use for parking cars. If you’ve ever seen a driveway you like the look of, this may have inspired your block paving driveway ideas.

Sutton Coldfield Driveways are one of the most reputable block paving driveways sellers, in Sutton Coldfield. As the driveways always look clean and sharp after the blocks have been laid. The types of material used for the blocks can be blended easily with other colours of blocks and different types of materials such as decorative rocks or coloured gravel if this is what you wanted for your block paved driveways.

Block paving driveway cost is relatively low and is one of the lowest variants of driveway pavings available on the market. This form of driveway paving looks clean and professional when finished. A popular colour choice of block paving driveway ideas is the grey block paving driveway, grey tiles are used in most driveways you see today.

If any problems were to occur with the block paving driveaway designs, these tiles are possible to replace and correct. The blocks used for the blocked paving driveways are strong and durable, so they will not break.

  • To lay standard block paving to your driveway we would start by digging off 8-10 inches/20-25cm of the area you would like block paving.
  • We would then lay and compact 4-6 inches of MOT type 1 hardcore to the area. A membrane can be laid beneath the hardcore to increase the driveways overall stability and help prevent subsidence/sinking in localised areas.
  • We then screed and compact sand over the area and sit blocks directly onto the final screed of sand.
  • Blocks are cut to size where necessary, kiln-dried sand is brushed into all joints and the area is compacted to finish.
  • There is a wide range of styles you can choose from including colours and patterns
  • Block paving can be a relatively cheap option depending on the design/style you choose
  • Individual blocks or sections of the drive can be removed if they need to be replaced
  • Less time consuming than some driveway options
  • Blocks are strong and durable
  • The drive can be used immediately after completion (unlike tarmac)
  • A Block paving Driveway is still a very popular choice due to it’s wide range of customisation. Block paving allows you to choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and also patterns making up some fantastic block paving driveway ideas. As a highly experienced team we are able to undertake any Block Paving work that you may require and can produce the look and design you wish to achieve for your driveway.

    We specialise in providing you with the best block paving service in Sutton Coldfield. From Grey block paving driveway to multicoloured patterns and designs we can provide it all. Block paving driveways can be both difficult to come by and expensive. That’s why we take pride in knowing our high quality along with affordable block paving driveway cost make for the best possible service. Our friendly and talented staff are highly trained and provide a professional service for all driveways across and around Sutton Coldfield. Get in touch today for more information!

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